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    Ever have people shout out encouragement on climbs?

    I was climbing up a tough, windy section on my SS, and my goal was to make it to the spot where I usually have to stop and rest without stopping, as I just put a 2 tooth smaller cog on the rear.

    As I approach the spot, making a switchback with a steep climb, I saw a rider on a geared bike resting in that very spot. As I approached him (VERY SLOWLY), grunting and heaving, and making faces that I'm sure looked to the untrained observer like I might need more fiber in my diet, he said "You're a Stallion!"

    Somehow I found the strength to get another 30 yards up the climb just to deserve the compliment.

    Only then did the word choice seem funny to me. Never been called a stallion by a man before (unless you count that weekend in the Turkish prison . . .).

    It reminded me of another ride, where three pretty hikers who were walking down a hill I was struggling up said "Keep going! There are naked women waiting at the top!" I found that one slightly more motivating, but perhaps I didn't want them to see me stop.

    Gotta love encouragement.


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    Racing in Garmisch, Germany...

    I was racing in Garmisch a few weekends ago and all the Germans were yelling, "Up, up, up, up!" on the tough climbs. Very encouraging. I was on a geared Inbred and racing against the other military people. There was one American guy that raced with the Germans on a rigid Surly...he drank a beer every lap too. Not sure if he frequents this board or not.
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