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    Equivalent gear?

    I've only ever ridden geared hardtails, and I'm kicking around the SS idea. I don't do much shifting while riding, and employ a SS style of riding if you will. I like to stand and mash on climbs, look to pick lines and not just plow over obstacles.

    My SS newbie question is, is there an equivalent gear I could ride my usual trails in to get a feel for what I'd be in for on a SS?

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    anything around a 2:1, if you're on a 26er. a little lower ratio if you're on a 29er.

    so lets say you have a 22/32/44 in the front, and a 12-34 in the back.

    put it in the 32 (middle) in the front, and 16 (3rd in) or 18 (4th in) in the back, and start pedaling. keeping in mind the response/feeling isn't the same because there's still a derailleur causing friction etc.

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    Thanks nomit.

    I typically ride only in the middle in the front. Next time out I'll park it in the 18 on the back and give it a shot.

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    I just built my first SS about 2 months ago. I went with a 32/16 as a first try for my gearing on the advise of several local SS guys. I am finding it pretty good for most on my riding, but sometimes that gear combination is not quite high enough and I end up spinning alot. I would suggest parking it in a 2-3 different gears just to get a feel on you particular trails. Nomit is right most of the guys I run into are running 32/16 or 32/15. Once you get started and used to the SS, you may find yourself riding your geared bike less and less, I know the simplicity of the SS seems to have something special about it. The only other advise I would give is to get a wide set of bars. the leverage definately helps. A lot of guys run bar ends as well, but I have not seen the need with the 680mm bar. Once I got mine built and sorted out, it has been a blast to ride. Hope this helps.
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