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    entry level niner

    ok, got almost 2 years outta the outcast, now the rear wheel rox side to side, i think cheapo hub causes this, bb is creaking like an old rocking chair, pedals harder than it used to, crank is also making tired noises. My question is, do I upgrade these parts or do I get another entry level bike? or take the plunge and get a more top ended ss, with better parts, like a karate monkey, salsa selma, or a monocog? i would be more than happy to go back to bikes direct and get another niner, but do they all have cheapo parts? any input would be cool, thanx much p.s. I did hammer the %&*$% outta my outcast, i have not a one complaint, and I am 6 ft 3 and 240 lbs, and I am not shy, either

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    i think your confusing 29ers and the niner brand. niners arnt typically considered cheap. i think you should invest the money and get a nicer bike but at the same time learn to maintain it. i dont know you or how you rode the current bike but a little maintenance goes a long ways. even a nice bike will fall apart if you dont know how to take care of it.

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    I think niner is just another word for 29er, as well as being a brand.

    Overall I agree with thefuzzbl. Although personally, if you like the frame you have now, I would just repair/upgrade what you have. You'll get almost no money for the outcast if you try to sell it. Buy a beefier wheel and heavy duty crankset and keep on rocking.

    The big point is maintenance. No matter how bling a bike you buy, you can ruin the parts through lack of maintenance. When you invest in new components, either invest the time to learn to service them, or plan on spending money at the shop having them serviced occassionally. And make sure you take care of problems the moment they are apparent, not once they've gotten so bad you have to replace parts.

    Good luck.

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    You do realize that no matter what bike you have, you need to do routine maintenance and adjustments right? It doesnt matter how high end or bottom of the barrel your bike is. I would recommend taking your bike to a reputable shop and let them work on it for you.

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    ^^ +1 on what they said. Dude, bring your thrashed outcast to your LBS to get it serviced. You might be surprised that you might not need a new bike.

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