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    ENO Eccentric hub w/o caliper adapter possible?

    Does anyone here have experience with running an eccentric ENO hub without the eccentric disc caliper adapter? I've heard it can be done but would like to get some feedback from a few people who've tried it before blindly trusting one guy's statement. (and not to discredit the "one guy" i'm just interested to know if his success was based entirely upon lucky combination of his frame, cog, chain ring, brakes or if it's relatively common.)

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    My current ENO eccentric on a Slingshot frame does not use the eccentric disc adapter - I always avoided using it if I could get away with it, keeps the setup simpler. It dose depend on where your eccentric hub sets up, and works best with post mount calipers rather than ISO. Post calipers allow you to shim up the caliper for more clearance, and if you use the Avid CPS calipers, you can remove the cup washers and lower the caliper. Depending on where the hub sets up, and how it moves as you take up chain wear, you can usually place the caliper with some shims such that the rotor does not hit. The rotor does not have to fully sit in the caliper for good brake perfomance.

    The disadvantage is that it is fiddly to initially set up, and/or change ratios. So this works best if you are the type to set and forget the gears.

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    i used to run an eno eccentric hub on an old gary fisher big sur (v brake only), it was a fairly reliable way to SS. i will say, it was inconvenient to have to adjust the brakes every time i took the rear wheel out. i think the adapter would make it easier to adjust the caliper, but you are still going to be adjusting.

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    I find it much easier to just use a regular adapter and washers to space the brake. You will have to experiment a little with your wheel, you can push the wheel up to tension the chain or push it down. I usually push mine down, use a 140 adapter with a 160 rotor, and a few washers between the mount and the brake.

    I have the eno mount, but I find it to be a royal pain to adjust.

    With either washers or the mount, you do not have to re-adjust every time you remove the wheel. I also found a 1 tooth change does not usually require me to re-adjust the brake.

    Finally, that adapter is very pricy! Save the money for entry fees and food!
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