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    ENO eccentric hub questions

    I have a few questions about the ENO eccentric hub. If there's an FAQ please let me know where I can find it, but in the meantime:

    What are the axle bolts like and what size are they?
    What stops the eccentric drop-out adaptors from rotating on the axle? Why don't they twist relative to each other? Is there some sort of machined flat on the axle which the drop-out adaptor bolts onto?



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    I just found Ernesto's pages using the search function and therein is all that I needed to know. Thanks,


    ps if you wanted to know why I wanted all this info, it's because I've been fooling around trying to build my own eccentric hub using the DMR Revolver as the project donor. I've got a working prototype, but there are a few refinements I wanted to make.

    Starting to appreciate just how well engineered the ENO really is. The secret is not just in the axle spacers at all.

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