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    Endurance races anyone?

    Anyone else on here dumb enough for the hundies, 12/24 lap races, etc.?

    Care to share what a week of your prep for these looks like? That is, besides getting tats, drinking, and being snarky....


    Right now- Mostly rides on my road bike with gears in commuting form. 10-15 hrs a week. SS mtn when I can get it in. Eat ice cream cake.

    Closer to races- 2 hard SS rides during the week and 1 4-6 hr SS mtn ride on the weekend. 2 3 hr geared rides at easier pace. Be tired all the time.


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    Pierre's Hole 100.
    I prepped by building a 700 square foot paver patio with a low retaining wall all summer long. And then I got 3rd place.

    (There may only have been 3 of us in the SS category...)
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    Cascade Cream Puff 100. ~16,000' gain.

    I did lotsa long rides. LOTSA long rides. Built ever longer, and in balance, each leg of the three legged endurance stool:
    [] Attitude / motivation
    [] Nutrition & hydration
    [] Physical strength

    Pushed myself past my limits, then pushed some more. Set expectation level at "hurt," then achieved expectations & went beyond.

    At most I was riding ~20 hours a week, but that's actual wheel rolling time, not "out there" time. What a huge difference there is between these two.


    P.S. I own 4 CCP100 finisher's hats.

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    We get old because we quit riding.

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    9 hours.. shorter gear.. ice cream (?)

    This has the makings of a useful thread... I have been a winter SSer and ran gears all last season for 24 events. Next season I'll go in for the ss cat. I'm not sure what to expect as I usually keep ss rides to 4 hours or less.

    I'll probably build up to get a couple of 9 hour rides in before my first event and then run a shorter gear for my first event... then I'll milk all that residual fitness and my superb genetics to carry me through the rest of the season. ... although the ice cream cake and tats sound appealing.

    Seriously, I'm just psyched they actually have a ss cat for my events next year and am looking to have a good time with it.

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    raced a few between 50 and 100 miles. i just make sure i'm fresh for the race, meaning no hard riding for about a week beforehand. eat lots, none of that rabbit food either. pizza does me best.
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    Creampuff twice, High Cascades once, hopefully target a 24 hr race this next season.

    My favorite training ride is starting with a 2400' single track climb in 3 miles, push myself to failure. I then have the remaining 60 miles of single track to recover. Awesome ride.

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    • SM100
    • Wilderness 101
    • Burn 24hr (with gearies)
    • 12 Hours of Cranky Monkey
    • Rowdy Dawg XXC (with gearies)
    • La Ruta (with gearies)
    • Shake the Trees in North Carolina
    • The Traverse in SoCal (with gearies)

    Any race is doable, just need the fitness and the mental strength. Didn't do any specific training, just rode my bike a lot.

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