I have ridden & mostly enjoyed my Niner SIR9 for three seasons. I say mostly because while I am happy with the ride, handling & general feel of the bike, the creaking EBB has me at wits end. I've tried all the remedies to quiet the bike, but the creak always returns. My Niner is set up as a single speed & I'll do the same with the Salsa.

So, long story short, does anyone here have ride time on both frames? Does the Salsa have the same ride characteristics as the Niner? I'm not well versed in the different types of steel tubing used in frames, but the Reynolds 853 used on the SIR9 seems to be top shelf stuff.

I'm hoping for some feedback from such a person because I'm close to moving to the El Mariachi, assuming I can find one!

Thanks in advance.