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Thread: EBB position?

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    EBB position?

    is there an advantage to having an ebb towards the upper half of the circle as opposed to the lower half. or visa versa? i can see how having it more forward vs.back could change not only the geometry but also leverage on the cranks... (hills vs. singletrack). but what about top to bottom. any thoughts?

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    Less chance of pedal strikes in the upper position, if you ride in techy stuff.
    If you only ride smooth singletrack, lower position would lower your position for lower center of gravity.
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    A few changes caused by moving the EBB around:
    BB to axle drop
    Pedal to ground clearance
    Center of gravity
    Body position on the bike / fit
    Effective Chainstay length

    I keep mine low and back only because it keeps me away from a half link on my ratio. I also like the idea of having shorter effective chainstays, rearward bias, and a low BB. However besides personal fit I am not really sure if the throw of an EBB is enough to noticeable alter the handling of the fame due to position. It’s not like I stopped during a ride to rotate the EBB just for experimentation, maybe I should…

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    100% personal preference. Factors bearing on personal preference in this case might be your frame's BB height, crank length, personal riding style. These differ from bike to bike and person to person... no way for someone to make a meaningful suggestion to you without frame geometry input plus a bike fit & riding style interview.

    Go with whatever feels best to you.


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    Less likely to catch your pedal in dog poo in the higher position.

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    All good suggestions, but

    I have found that overtime, by EBB moves, and I do not believe I'm the first to have the issue
    I have found that if it is somewhere near the 1 or 2 o'clock position (as viewed from drive train side), it wants to tighten the chain as the EBB slips. I don't like that.
    If I have it around 4 or 5 o'clock position, it loosens the chain over time, which is preferable to me over tightening the chain.
    If I can get it closer to 6 o'clock, it seems to slip less, for me the best option.
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    I like mine with the BB up high to improve pedal clearance...

    I've heard that some like to position the EBB so that if it slips it tightens the chain and thereby helps to resist slipping...not sure if it works?
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    I like super-short chainstays, so I like mine rearward. I also like a low center of gravity, so I go with lower as well. I haven't really tried any other combinations, I wonder if it really matters that much.

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