I don't know why I feel the desire to help these guys... I guess its my love of a good frankenbike. http://www.carverbikes.com
There has been some talk on the 29er board about the Carver 96er. For those unaware, its a bike designed around an 80mm travel 29er fork and wheel with a 26" rear. Most on the 29er board scoff at this product, but at $399 it seems too good of a deal to go to waste. If you put a 120-130mm fork (26") on one of these babies, it balances out to an 80mm 29er (approx). So, for $399, you get a long travel, EBB, lightweight aluminum frame. If I was in the market, I'd definitely check it out. Just don't tell the peeps at Carver what you'll be doing with it.