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    Easton SS 29er wheels. Clyde. Talk me out of it.

    Time for new wheels. I'm about 215 dry and looking for a primary wheelset...the easiest option would be to put new rims on my existing hubs, but the XC One SS wheels have really been tempting me. I'm far from smooth, but in general I tend to just wear stuff out super fast rather than breaking things outright. Encouragement? Horror stories?

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    You need something beefier. Something with like 33% more spokes.

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    Stop obsessing about weight and buy products that will not break and will not wear out easily. Wheels that are breaking or wearing out are under built. Get yourself some Stan's Flow rims and lace them with DT Swiss spokes to your old hubs or some other nice hubs (Hadley, Hope, King), and enjoy a quality primary wheelset that will last for years. Information about wheels of this nature is all over the 29er forum.

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    I have been riding a set of Easton XcOneSS, and I don't suggest them to anyone. I bought them after reading Guitar Ted's review on 29 inches, and have been bummed ever since. They have already had to be over hauled 2 times in 1 year. The problem is with the engineering of the back requires constant adjusting to keep it going......Almost after every ride Do yourself a favor and invest in some custom wheels. I plan on following this advice as soon as I can scrape the funds.

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    For a SS Clyde, I would suggest a build by Mike C. of

    He did a set of Stan's Flows, DT Swiss spokes/nips, and Hope hubs (rear hub is a SS/Trials hub with 48 pt engagement) for me...

    I've had them for about a year and a half without having to touch them yet AFA truing....

    I'm 6' --- 225lbs for the record..... Bike was/is run as rigid and front squish throughout that time....

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    resist the temptation, you'll regret it.

    ck hub, you won't wear it out unless you introduce dirt or sand into the drive ring. and even then it would take a while and be cheap to rebuild.

    flow, salsa, or bontrager rims.

    dt swiss nips/spokes. period.

    done by the wrong builder and you'll still have problems with them. done by the right builder you'll ride them for years to come.

    i built a set of wheels (ck/salsa/dt) over 4 years ago that have only been in the stand once and they have worn out many, many sets of tyres.
    "Knowledge is good." ~ Emil Faber

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    Okay, okay. Stan's rims, DT spokes and new freehub guts are on the way.

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