I rode last night at the 50 year trail here in Tucson. I wasn't feeling 100% a couple of hours before the ride, but figured that I could always use the SS as an excuse if I sucked. Well, the weather was great, we rode in short sleeves starting at 6:30pm (eat your hearts out everyone, TucSSon rocks). Three gearie/dualies and little ole me on my blinglespeed. They were all taking about the "climb" and I watched them all gear down about a 5 gears to go up this "climb". I just stood a little and rubbed their rear tires as they geared down to go up. I could pull away on some of the small climbs, and definitely on the twisty singletrack. It is amazing how you keep your momentum when you ride SS. I even beat them all out of the "chutes" area. Hope to see some you at the 24 hours of the Old Pueblo.