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    do you have SS dreams????

    Do you? Perhaps you are that guy w/ the Phil this and Phil that. You have the newest whatever fork with the *****in cool frame dejour. Or are you the guy with the crappy old "first mountain bike i owned" turned into a SS w/ a tensioner. Ok, you might just be the chump sipping a mocha down @ latte land reading this drivel on your happy top while you try to impress the "she is too young for you" coffee chikeeboo w/ your Ipod playlist. You might be the guy that has been riding SS since about 9 months after i met your Mom, the guy that eats whatever the hell he wants, crushes everyone and rides a shitbarge of a SS. Regardless of which of these and other areas you fit into, regardless of the anodized crap YOUR super cool rig has... what would you do different? What frame? 29? 26? Disc? EBB? ENO? What? Ridgid like a neanderthal? Plush like Oprah's uhhh.... nevermind? What? I don't want pictures. If you already own the dream bike you have found another static answer to the dynamic problem and give it a year or 2 and a new dream bike will find itself in your dreams.
    Me? well, I'm lost. If I could decide on the frame (wheel size is hanging me up) some of the other stuff falls into place. If I knew the frame i could decide on the fork, could decide on the hubs etc etc etc. Thinking lately of a Moots MootoX SS w/ EBB. Stupid over the top? Yup.
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    as in actual dreams

    I thought you meant like night, sleepy time, dreams.
    I actually did have one last night. Since I found out a few weeks ago that yes, I made it to the Chequamegon 40, I was racing on my new custom _______ ________. Oh, the glory of the puddles, and just riding...

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    Love SS-ing. When I built it up 7 months ago, I went for the basics: aluminum, v-brakes, dedicated SS wheelset, 85mm fork. I originally planned on using the SS on all the easy to moderate stuff I ride as a change of pace to make the rides different and/or harder.

    Now I ride the SS most of the time...and on just about all the trails I ride, including some of the harder ones. So I am wanting a slightly different build.

    My wish list:
    - steel frame
    - 105 mm fork w/ lockout
    - disc brakes

    Those are the biggies. I don't buy bling parts; just what I can cobble together or get cheaply. It looks like I'll end up staying with my frame ($$ issue), getting a disc-compatible SS wheelset and swapping out disc brakes from one of my FS bikes for the V's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Chicken Bones
    Perhaps you are that guy w/ the Phil this and Phil that.
    I guess I fall into this category.....

    As far as a dreambike, though I have pretty much loved all of my bikes, my new 26" Phil Wood SS is my favorite bike ever, by a mile.

    Having said that, I feel that there may be something to the whole 29er thing. Though I may be convinced otherwise after riding one, I am not sure for my riding out here the practical benefits of a 29er will be realized in full for single speeding vs what I currently have. Because as anybody who knows me can attest to, I have no control over my spending. As such, I ordered a 29er almost immediately after getting my Phil Wood. Though not as blingy for sure, I am building it up as a lighter bike for sure (to compensate for any acceleration disadvantage). It will be a fully rigid setup since if nothing else, that is where I think a 29er will have a huge advantage over a fully rigid 26. I will know more about differences in 2 weeks or so.


    p.s. sweet signature and by the way, Your mom is so ugly that when she was a baby she was fed with a slingshot

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