Do I need to lube a chain on a SS?-
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    Do I need to lube a chain on a SS?

    Just just converted my K2 today to a SS.
    I am using a Rollenlager tensoiner. I am assuming the chain still needs lube right?

    I finally went with a 46/16T set-up for commuting/baby hauling and latte runs.

    I am going to try it on easy trais with a 18T in back next week. This bike in not set-up for trail riding, but easy smooth trails might be nice.

    If I dif it off road, I am going to build another budget SS for trails but rigid .

    Thanks from a SS newbie!
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    The same way I lube any bike chain.
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    Not if...

    Quote Originally Posted by DIRT BOY
    ... I am assuming the chain still needs lube right?...
    Not if you're really strong and you enjoy the constant sound of birds chirping.


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    Less frequently...

    living in the desert and using a dry lube, i do so less frequently than a geared bike. I normally scrub the cassette, chain and chainrings to get rid of the grit on my geared bike and when I do that, I scrub most of the krytech off so i relube. On my SS, I do so less since the drivetrain doesn't seem to get as dirty...

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    The good thing is, you on;y need to lube the middle of the chain instead of the whole thing. You'll save money not having to lube the outsides of the plates.
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    always always always

    Always Lube Your Chain, No Matter What

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    do you NEED to? No
    SHOULD you? Yes

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