dmr sts placement-
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    dmr sts placement

    Hello, I've been running a dmr simple Tension Seeker and when using the search feature I see most pictures place it below the chain. I've been using mine on top pushing down.

    Is there an advantage one way or the other? Also when cranking very hard there is a pop sound and slight hitch. Could this be a tension problem or alignment issue?


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    Mine is pushing up. I did read here in the SS forum that tensioners that push up do have an advantage -- can't remember what though.

    Have any pics of your SS?

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    When it pushes up, it wraps the chain on the cog a little farther, placing less stress on the cogs teeth because more are engaged, thus reducing the load on each cog tooth. This little bit of extra load is also taken up by the chain. So it probably doesn't matter at all. I always ran them pushing down, sometimes pretty far, like when I was trying different gears and didn't cut the chain to it's final length, and never had a problem as long as chainline is good.
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    That pop and hitch is likely caused by the chain skipping, which is common enough, especially with a push-down tensioner. If you have the option of running it in 'push-up' mode, it should virtually eliminate the problem.

    Lobolator is right--pushing up causes the chain to wrap further around the cog, reducing skipping, wear, and absolute load on the teeth. As well, it usually creates a tidier look, because everything is closer up to the chainstay.

    No matter which mode you choose, make sure you have the chain as short as possible. Consider using a half link if it seems like you have a lot of slack. This will maximise the performance of the tensioner and minimise any skipping issues.

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