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    Disc up front, V-brake in the back?

    Help me out, guys!
    I have an XT front disc brake that's not selling on the classifieds.
    Should I just have Wily build the fork set up for disc, and run a v-brake in back when I'm freewheeling? Or should I stick with rim brakes front and rear, avoiding this bike version of a mullet?
    FWIW, I decided on v-brakes originally (and still going with them, on the rear at least,) because I'll be riding in a very dry climate, they're lighter, and buying new hubsets would put this bike out of my financial range. If I do use the front disc, I'm getting all the stopping power, only buying 1 hub (which I kinda need anyway,) and not adding too much weight.
    Whaddya think?

    the los
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    I used that setup for a while, and I could never get used to the feeling of one hydro lever and one cable..

    But, seeing as you're a fixed most of the time kinda guy, it might not be all that bad!


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    I'm running an Avid Mech up front, Vuelta Mag v-brake in the rear, and Paul levers. It works very well for me. I ride in mostly dry dusty conditions and don't need discs. I primarily use the front disc brake due to the ease of wheel removal and installation.


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    Avid mech disc up front, V-brake in the rear. Works fine. Maybe because both are cable, the general feel is the same, but having the disc up front where most of braking actually happens works well. It made sense for me to do it that way because I was going to a rigid fork, the Avid mech was on sale, the wheel set was a deal and the cost of adding disc to the rear was too much.

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    sslos I say keep the front V-brake and just get the best brake pads you can find because building a new front disc wheel plus Wily having to build up a disc fork, cost-benefit don't look to fancy.

    Yes running a mech disc up front would be cool, but more power for you means less $$$ for you.

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    Discs are the only way I'll go but it's hard for me to relate to your situation because I constantly ride in the wet and you don't. That said, I much prefer discs even in the dry for the type of riding I do. It gets intense sometimes and I find that discs allow me to ride and race much faster because of this great truth: if I can stop faster, I can go faster.

    "Expensive" is a relative term but for me the cost of the cheap discs that I use and perfer -- Avid mechanicals -- is offset by the fact that I'm not having to constantly purchase new rims and pay to have my wheels rebuilt. Such is the price of living in the Pacific Northwet and riding year round.


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    hydro the front, rim the back

    I ride that set up and like it. I ride a formula that I am replacing with a hayes up front and v/rim brake in the back (my surly does not have disc tabs). I like it a lot and it was really not a big deal to get used to. I ride in the mtns and foothills so I really like the extra stopping power. I have some other friends back in the Big East that run that set up as well and seem to like it.

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    I've got my gearie set up with a 7" avid mech in front, V in the rear.

    My gearie and 1x1 are very similar in terms of geometry and set up, except that the 1x1 has V's on both ends. Tranistioning between the bikes is always surprising, and makes me realize that I vastly prefer having the disc brake up front. Of course, this difference is more pronounced when it is wet out, but even in dry weather the added power and modulation that the disc brake provides is a huge benefit. Switching from the disc front to V front I notice more hand and forearm fatigue, as well as diminished confidence in the steep techie stuff.

    Again, this is with a mechanical disc, and while I would rather have discs front and rear, the difference in feel does not bother me.

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    My single speed has center pull cantilevers front and rear, but my geared bike has a front Avid Mechanical diska nd a rear XT linear pull brake. I find the XT to have enormous amounts of power, and I am sure I would be happy with one on the front, but my fork is disk specific (and my frame won't take disks, go figure).

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