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    New question here. dilemma

    i am currently running the wheelset from my P.1 on my 1x1, so they are certainly beefy. they are disc, so i am running the low end oe disc from the P.1 on the front.
    someone offered me a free king hub, front, non-disc. it is not compatible with current rim.
    so...do i rebuild a mavic 221 with the king hub and buy an LX v-brake and move the other wheelset to my now unridden fs, making it disc in the front, or stay how i am.
    basically, current wheelset is okay, beefy, and disc
    new wheelset would be lower end rim, king hub, and adequate v
    is it worth giving up the disc for the king???
    p.s. i probably can't afford a new rim for the king and already have the 221, so that is definitely the rim i would use.

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    If it was me I would take the King, but I would still use my other front wheel. I mean a free King hub is a free King hub. But really, their front hub is nice, but it's not the real reason you want a King, the rear is the reason. The rear hub is why people love their hubs. Not saying they don't make a great front hub, just I don't know if it's worth dropping your disc up front, where you need it most. And if I remember, you got a 1x1 right? Nothing wrong running beefy wheels on that burly rig.


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