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    die, singlespeed, die

    so i got the frame of my dreams, a medium Sinister DNA with V bosses. i am happy. but...

    even with Sinister's horizontal drop-outs, i can't run a @$#)%)@#)& typical 1/2" chain. jesus christ. pardon my frustrations. part of the reason i sold my Imperial was because running it SS was a pain. luckily the Rollenlager saved me. however, now that i've shelled out for Sinister's sliding drops, rather than run the Rollenlager, i'm gonna shell out for a Shadow Conspiracy chain. i was hoping to avoid the weight, but oh well.

    this is all after spending 2 frustrating days trying to get my road bike SS-ified. ended up not working thanks to a non-removable crank bolt and a chewed-to-hell Dura Ace freehub body.

    of the 3 bikes i've owned since i bought my Inbred in 2001, none have converted to SS easily. my Inbred really does love me. i don't think any of my other bikes like the thought of 1 gear, though.

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    WHOA! Whoa!

    First, back <i>away</i> from the methamphetamine! That's it... Take it easy...

    Now, what seems to be the problem? Not enough tension adjustment? A half-link is way cheaper than a brain embolism.

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    Pick a slightly different gear ratio, just enough to shorten the chain length...
    this space left intentionally blank

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    eh...half-links schmalf-links. it's a street bike, so i'll just drop the $30, and the other $30 for a real chain tool, as opposed to the one on my mini-tool. for now, the once-failed half-link will remain in the toolbox.

    no new gear ratios. 36:16 is what i'm wanting for street. 36:18 will come along when King or Surly hit us up with some more/ new cogs, and at that point, i'll see if i can run a 1/2" chain for trail use.
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