Dear Singlespeaders!-
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    Dear Singlespeaders!

    Please stop passing me going uphill. It's kind of embarrassing and not doing my ego any favors. TWICE this year... and one guy had to have 20 years on me!

    Slow "gearie"


    On a more serious note, I'd like to try out singlespeeding (probably commuting at first). I currently have 2 bikes and I don't plan to get rid of either. I just started riding last spring and bought the Felt new and the Scandal used.

    09 Felt Redemtion 2
    - For my chunky/all mountain days

    08 On-One Scandal (rigid 29er, 2X9) - Currently using as a fair weather commuter & occasionally on the less chunky trails (just bought it last NOV and only have a few real rides on it thanks to an especially cold/wet winter).

    I was toying around with the idea of turning my Scandal into a singlespeed since I have a short commute to work and the trails I tend to take it on don't have crazy climbs. But another part of me wants to throw a Reba fork on it and then build a used 29er SS with that On-One carbon fork.

    So... I found this and it has the fork I'd want for my Scandal:

    Is that a decent deal? Do you think I'd have any issues with the steerer tube length if I tried swapping it over to my Scandal?

    I guess the real problem is that I think my wife's head would explode if I brought home another bike. Maybe one of you could buy it so I can't?

    EDIT: Wow... nice typo in the title that I can't edit!

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    I think the issue would be whether or not the 21" frame fit you. So put the rigid fork on the Raleigh and go ride Rustler's to start. Then Horsethief and the 18 Rd stuff. Then Pet-E-Kes and other Lunch Loop stuff! Next thing you know, you're climbing all the way up from the Lunch Loop Parking lot to do the Gunny Loop!

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    I haven't even had the chance to ride my geared rigid at LL yet, despite riding out there like 3 times in the last 2 weeks (although I plan to this week).

    Both of my current bikes seem to fit me good (21.5" Felt and 21" Scandal). But I may just be too dumb to know the difference.

    I don't know.... what do I really need a 29er hardtail for? Maybe I should just SS my Scandal and be done with it. I could also use the x-9 shifters from it on my Felt (currently X-7) and I'd end up with some spare parts as well. That would certainly be the easiest solution, but I think I'm stuck in the usual mindset of "I'm already slow... why do I want to handicap myself?". I guess that's where a 3rd bike might be nice, I'd have lots of riding options and if I hate it, I could turn around and sell it.

    I was wondering about being able to switch back and fourth between geared and SS, but after starting to read the FAQ stuff, there's more work involved than I originally thought, so that probably isn't really feasible (especially given my limited bike maintenance experience).

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobi
    I don't know.... what do I really need a 29er hardtail for?

    "Need" ? Want used to be a good enough reason ...

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