Cross post from a 29er forum post.-
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    Cross post from a 29er forum post. (chinese carbon SS)

    Just finished putting this together. Rear wheel is temporary as is the seat post and saddle.

    Was worried about the internal routing but it was nice and easy. I like it because looks clean.

    Everything was parts bin stuff except for the frame and EBB.

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    Looks good. What frame did you go with?

    Which EBB is that, how do you find it?
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    I bought it off a seller on ebay. It arrived with a flyxii headset so I'm assuming it's one of theirs, not sure of the model. It's a 15.5" frame but the top tube seems a little longer than my medium Niner One9. I ordered it with a BB30 bb so I could run SS or geared.

    The EBB is Wheels Manufacturing. I like it so far but can only speak to riding it up and down the street. Haven't had a chance to hit the trails with it. Adjustment is super easy, you only need to loosen the two bolts and rotate one side with a lockring wrench. It was a little pricey but I think it's better than running a tensioner.

    It's at 20.08 lb with the generic post and an OEM Bontrager saddle. I think it will definitely drop under 20 when I replace it with a Ritchey WCS post and my lighter saddle. Not bad for a bomber setup with those wheels and tires. Well, the rear wheel is temporary until I get my end caps in.
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    Took a pound (!!!) off the bike with the new post and saddle.

    Cross post from a 29er forum post.-carbonweight.jpg

    Cross post from a 29er forum post.-img_20160922_164506815.jpg

    Cross post from a 29er forum post.-img_20160922_182819.jpg

    Best $3 I ever spent for that saddle. LOL.
    Honestly it wasn't that bad.
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    I have one of those saddles too. I honestly thought it was comfortable, and even the looks grew on me, but I just couldn't keep the (very) sharp nose from catching on my clothes, even lycra, so it had to go.

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