Cross Dressing Monkeys ?-
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    Cross Dressing Monkeys ?

    Help end madness. The time has finally arrived to stop thinking about a new ride and actually get one. I've wanted a cross-check for well over a year now, but haven't had the funds to get one. I finally have enough for a frame to slowly build up over the winter. But now, with all of these Monkeys running rampant, I'm torn between the two. I mainly want a versatile bike to ride mostly on paved roads and old dirt farm roads but smoother atv trails as well. I also hope to start commuting to work on it as well, which would be solely on paved roads. Both seem to fit the bill. Can anyone offer suggestions which one might be more suitable ? Both seem similar in geometry, versatility, etc. Thanks.
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    Either bike would be suitable. The Monkey would give you the option of bigger tires and discs, while the CC would look less awkward with skinny road tires on it. I love my CC for both commuting and off road riding, but could see where bigger tires could be nice in rough stuff.
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    Cross-Check is your bike

    The Monkey is a fantastic trail bike, but a crummy road bike. The cross check is a decent trail bike, and a great road bike.

    I commuted to work on my x-check for 3 years, and still regularly trail/fire-road/road ride it. It can accept up to a 44c Mutano-Raptor tire(almost a full 29r mtb tire), and of course down to the skinniest road tires...I do a loop of 35-40 miles with about 7 or 8 miles of singletrack, 15 miles of gravel, and the rest paved. I use my x-check with a 38c commuter tire on it, and as long as the trails aren't muddy it's a blast.

    Drop bars (Salsa Bell Lap's are great) or WTB dirt drops if you can find'em. STI shifting, or singlespeed, the cross check is SUPER versatle.

    If your're leaning more to the road, it's a no-brainer.

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    To run a KM with drops, do get it one or 2 sizes smaller than you would as a MTB. For instance, the M=18" still has 19.4" of total seattube, which suffices for many riders well over 6", while the TT length gets more in the road figure range. Brake shatter on the CC is scary IMO. KM fork is nothing less than bomber, at just 100g more, including the disc tab.
    I have both, the CC is the dream commuter and very racable for cross, even road. KM is as trailworthy as a rigid bike as a 26" XC hardtail will ever be. Might look odd with skinnies, but the BB drop ensures that it will work just as well as on any road-specific bike. Bell Lap bars are on my Pacer, and really should go on the CC, though the UCI would disagee :-)
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    Crossed Monkey

    I put drops on my monkey (w/ a shorter stem) and raced my first cross races this season and had a ball on it. I'm running avid discs which I like quite a bit. IMHO I think the monkey is the more versatile of the bikes but I suppose that really depends on how you divide your time on the bike. I also run my monkey as a rigid SS which is excellent as well.

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