Cranks and Brakes for my new build-
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    Cranks and Brakes for my new build

    Been riding a rigid Salsa EM SS for 5 years. Found a good deal on a Ti EM and bought it....will get a CF fork.

    My current bike is set up with XT brakes and an XT crank. I have been very pleased with them.

    I like stuff that works and doesn't break.

    Is there any good reason other than to save a few grams to go with XTR or some other brand of brakes and crank?

    Figure what money I save I can put toward CF rims.

    Appreciate any thoughts.

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    I don't see any particular reason not to use XT brakes and cranks on bike... unless YOU come up with reason. If it means the difference in how good wheels you can have, favor the wheels.

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    XT brakes are excellent, don't bother replacing them.

    XT cranks are fine. unless you have a need to replace them with a more versatile system, like RaceFace Cinch or the like, just keep running them.

    definitely save your money and put it towards wide CF rims! wheels are pretty much the best place to spend your money (since you now have a Ti frame).
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    XT is good stuff, and a lot of people can testify to that.

    But you have a Ti frame here, which is not an average bike frame. If it were me, and I had the money, or could save for the parts, would select XTR. Maybe just cuz I could!!

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    Definately a case of "should I" vs. "why the F not". If there is not a need to replace them (ie. busted), then there is no need to replace them. I'd put the money towards the wheels.

    However, this falls into the same category as color matching cable housings and anodized aluminum parts. You got a ti frame, have fun with it.

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    XTR brakes are also very good, but not sure if that is really worth the $$$.

    You can blow some money on a set of nice light cranks like the RF next SL cranks, with a DM ring on it. saves ~1/2lb over the xt crank.

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    I think a lot of the variance in shimano cranksets comes from the rings. The crank arms themselves are very similar between slx and xt and I would really wonder if going xtr made that much difference on a SS.

    Short of going carbon fiber, I might be looking more at the bearings than the crank arms for an upgrade.

    The cinch system looks cool. But the shimano cranks are just so easy to take apart for cleaning, to swap rings etc.

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    Thanks all....I looked at the Race Face Next but a beat up as my cranks are now I am wondering how well they would hold up?

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    FWIW went XT brakes but RF Next SL crank...Enve fork...getting excited (and poorer).

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    You'll enjoy those upgrade. I recently added an Enve fork and xx1 cranks to my steel mariachi. It made a very noticeable difference.

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