Converting a geared vs. Single Speed Specific-
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    Converting a geared vs. Single Speed Specific

    I recently picked up a Trek 6500 and am thinking about converting it to single speed. I'm wondering, if a conversion is done correctly, is there any disadvantage to a converted geared bike vs. a bike made single speed specific?

    My last bike was a Monocog Flight. I'm not a fan of the 29ers (I know, sounds crazy to most of you I'm sure), so I sold the Flight to one of my buddies. I ended up finding a really good deal on last years model for the 6500 and I couldn't pass it up. I'm debating making the conversion to SS. It seems like most of the conversions people talk about doing are on older bikes after they've gotten a new one. The bike is brand new and I am having fun with it with the gears, so I want to make sure a conversion could be a long-term quality single speed that I can use. Is this crazy to do on a brand new bike?

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    really only a little bit of looks and a tiny bit of drag from the tensioner (probably so small that it's insignificant). However, if you decide you're committed enough to SS there are conversion products that don't rely on a tensioner and make any bike as good as single speed specific, products such as the ENO eccentric rear hub and the Forward Components EBB adapter

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    If you convert and realise you hate it, you can always put the gears back on.

    When converting, don't get one of those flimsy spring loaded tensioners. I have a Rennen tensioner that is fixed with a bolt and it is working well. BB mounted tensioners look like a good idea to me too. Like Yess, or a chain guide type thing like Blackspire Stinger.

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    Personally I'd like to try the Forward Components "standard shell" EBB. Might have to use a half link in my chain, but it makes a non-SS look like a "real" SS.

    Plus... you can still put your gears back on if / whenever you want.

    Best of both worlds, IMO.


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    How is that different than buying a new singlespeed bike? Just think of it as upgrading some OEM parts
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