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    conversion set-up

    Just wanted to run my set-up past you guys b/c i'm gonna start to order parts tomorrow.

    -Blackspire non-ramped chain ring 32t
    -Pauls Melvin tensioner (i like the way it seems to be designed more like a derailuer than other tesioners i've seen. thats just seems to make sense to me more than a spring loaded pulley and using rubber band just in case)
    -Sram pc1 chain (want that to be specialized to single speed just in case)
    -Gusset er1 hub conversion

    what about single speed specific cranks (i think the truvativ ones are called the stylo crankset). wouldn't i just mount the blackspire chain ring right where my middle chain ring is?

    the only thing kinda making me worried is wasting money on a bad tensioner. i read reviews of the singleator by surly, some people seemed to like it and others hated it. i figured i'll try the pauls tensioner.

    i get worried that this may not work proper. so if anyone has experiance with different conversion set-ups, could you just let me know what products are good and which might not be?

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    IMO I would stick with a decent square taper crank (i.e. Race Face or Shimano), the new splined ISIS and Octalink are not durable (and they're expensive to boot). I've wasted hundreds of "dollahs" on them, don't be like me. You don't need an "SS specific" crank, just convert a normal one.

    A good heavy duty DH ring (like blackspire) = good idea.
    SRAM chain = good idea. (although you don't have to get the PC1, PC58 etc are fine too)
    Not familiar with Pauls melvin tensioner. I have the soulcraft convert which I don't recommend. The Rennen looks nice and everyone agrees it rocks. The ENO hub is the best tensioning scheme if you have the coinage (and want a BMX style freewheel).

    Good luck...

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