Consensus on Niner Biocentric 2? Does your creak, or is it completely silent?-
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    Consensus on Niner Biocentric 2? Does your creak, or is it completely silent?

    Looking into changing things up, but I'm mainly looking for a single speed frame that reliably will NOT creak at the bottom bracket. I'm just about done with EBB's in general, but found a great deal on a SIR 9.

    So... Niner owners, Does your EBB creak? Niner currently recommends installing the Biocentric 2 clean and dry (no grease, no teflon tape, nada). How many of you are happy with your Biocentrics as far as being noise free? I don't like the idea of using Oatey's or Carbogrip because it is straight up messy, and overall seems like a bandaid to make up for a poor design. I'm hoping Niner has their stuff sorted, otherwise I'll look elsewhere.
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    I was one of the people that had a problem with EBB 1, Carbogrip solved. Upgraded to new frame with EBBII and zero issues. However, it must have been early one, and instructions called for Oateys, and it was like $3, and problem free for 6 months at a time. Oateys is not really messy. I kept Carbgrip can, just in case, but never needed it. Now another ONE 9, and I just went right to Oaty's from the get go, since I had it on hand. No issues. But I am keeping Carbogrip just in case. The system is pretty cool, and 2 bolts seem to be solid. Rear brake caliper mount is so easy with EBB.

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    I have a One 9 RDO and a Sir 9 and neither creak from the EBB II. I have Done nearly 3000kms on the One 9 RDO and 800kms on the Sir 9. I adjust them when necessary and have cleaned the EBB on the One 9 a couple of times and never on the Sir 9. I have regular water crossings, live in a humid area in Australia and wash my bikes after every ride. I have thought on a couple of occasions I had creaky EBBs. On the One 9 it was a dry freehub/wheel bearings and a regrease solved it, on the Sir 9 it was a ceased rear wheel bearing. The noise traveled and sounded like the BB but they were fine. Both are installed totally dry.

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    Have an ROS9 running SS, contrary to instructions greased surfaces, no creaking and only one slippage due to a really hard pedal strike over ~1k miles.

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    I built a new Niner One9 (hydroformed) in January and have about 350 miles on it. It's been completely creak and slip free.

    First, I installed it following Niner's latest directions, posted in this thread:

    Three key points:

    Dry and clean all mating surfaces. No Oatey's or Carbogrip.
    Grease the two posts, screw threads, and screw heads to ensure you can get the right torque.
    Torque to 106 ft.-lbs.

    My EBBII was silent and solid for months. However, after a ride in N. GA, which was 3 hours of mud and deep stream crossings, I started to hear a bit of noise from my BB. Not really a creak, more of a crunch? Not sure what it was -- crank? Bearing? EBB?

    Regardless, I pulled the whole thing apart, cleaned, and reinstalled per the above instructions. Noise free since.

    Love the EBBII!

    EDITED: After expressing my satisfaction with the EBBII on the Niner forum, a Niner employee came on and said that 95% of the EBBII problems they see are due to not greasing the posts. Seems like an exaggeration to me, given that the posts only penetrate the other half of the EBB by an inch or less, but that's what they say.

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    Glad to hear that you guys have been happy with your EBB's. I love Niner as a company, and their customer is definitely top notch. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to spend money on a technology that is making others pull their hair out.

    Thanks for all the input everyone, looks like I'll be pulling the trigger soon.
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    I've been riding the new Sir9. Installed EBBII with Oatey's compound (because that is what Niner was recommending at the time I got the frame). Have probably 500 miles including a few hard races and it's been perfectly silent and hasn't moved at all.

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    I will add to what others have said: I got my One 9 RDO just before Iceman Cometh last year. It ended up being 36 miles of pure mud, rain, and some snow. It ruined a chain and my bottom bracket. It never creaked at all during the race. I have since replaced my BB bearings, chain, and chain ring without ever taking out Biocentric II from the frame. It is still absolutely silent. I followed Niner's instructions and lubed only the posts and bolts.

    I am sold!
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