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    Comfortable hardtail frame recommendations?

    What's the most comfortable hardtail frame you've ridden? (I'm not willing to go full rigid - so I guess I'm kind of a single speed poser)

    I've been riding a super cheap aluminum frame single speed (you know, the kind that is super cheap and STILL has a lifetime warranty on the frame...) It's pretty heavy, and I'm assuming that the fact that it's so solidly built makes it more stiff than anything. I know bigger tires might help, but I'm leary of riding too low of pressures because I hit a lot of sharp square edges (stairs and curbs - I'm in the city and this doubles as my commuter bike). I've gotten two pinch flats already, which is a big deal considering that I run my full suspension bike with the same sized tires at 30-35 psi and haven't pinch flatted since 2000!

    At any rate, this isn't a fancy bike, so I guess this question should really be "What forgiving frames have you ridden that can be found relatively cheap?" I'm a light weight rider, so there's (almost) no such thing as too flexy, and durability isn't a huge issue. I doubt any frames are heavier than what I've got, so weight isn't a huge issue either.

    Thanks in advance...


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    If your going hardtail go steel, there is no other good choice, I've tried them all. Theres a really good steel rant on here somewhere. A Surly will do all you want at a great price. You get a rigid fork too as a bonus but if you try it you might like it. The reason you're pinch flatting is you have to have more skill on a hardtail to do the things a full susser takes care of. Thats the charm and why old school and rigid singlespeed riders are better riders. Bigger tires will change a bike and can work as a little cushion, you might try that first

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    MtdntSS aint kidding. I just sold the old Bontrager (steel) SS and replaced it w/ a scandium Salsa. It lost 3.5 lbs, gained disc brakes, and lost the chain tensioner. The way the bike looks on paper (cool carbon seat stays, super light, and a bit too much chi chi for my tastes) this Salsa should be one of the best bikes I own. Don't misunderstand, I really like it. It climbs very well and corners great but... well.... uh.... I miss the Bontrager! Not sure what it is, geometry? steel? history (that frame and i go way back)? a combination of the above? Whatever the reason the result is the same- I miss the steel frame. Now I'm on the lookout for a bontrager to convert. It'll have to have a 1 1/8th headtube, EBB and disc tabs but it's not impossible!
    Go steel. You'll own it for years.
    Go Aluminum- and you'll just be renting it.
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