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09/02/05: FAIR WARNING: Both Jeff and I are a bit concerned about the
participation level in this year's Fall Classic AMBC MTB Stage Race. As
of right now (10PM Thursday evening, 8 days from the event,) we've got
12 people signed up. That's a cause for serious alarm for us. We're a
small company and The Fall Classic is by far the most logistically
challenging event we produce. It's also expensive. As most of you who've
spent time with either of us know, The Fall Classic is our favorite
event. It's homey, it's personal, the courses really are awesome, and it's
a piece of local history that we're proud to be a part of and carry the
torch for. All that notwithstanding, we cannot in good conscience,
torpedo everything else that is earning it's keep within our event and
program portfolio simply because we love the FC. MTB Little League and
the SMC are too important within our community. Too important to us.

We're not about the money. Never have been. Never will be. It's not a
question of maintaining our profit's a question of not
getting shellacked. We simply can't absorb a hit the size of The Fall
Classic, and yet, our integrity, and what you, our customers and friends
think of our company is incredibly important to us. We don't want to
let you down either.

So here's our plan: if you guys out there are as stoked about Fall
Classic as we are and are planning on coming but have yet to register,
then we're asking you right now to sign up. By Wednesday. If we get 100
total entries by Wednesday at 6PM then we're on. It's a go. If we fall
short of the mark then we have to cut our losses and put the swag into
storage for next year, hoping for a better turnout. If you register and
we cancel we'll refund your money (even fees). If you've
booked lodging (that means you're one of the 12 who've signed up so far)
and you lose money on a deposit we'll make that right too. And if you
mail in a check we won't cash it until after the race