Choice of new SS crankset/brakes-
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    Choice of new SS crankset/brakes

    OK, I have decided to build a new SS, a Ti EM....currently I am on a 4-5 year old steel EM with XT crankset/brakes....know what I want re: most of the build (King headset/hubs and Stans Flows, XTR pedals, Thompson post and stem)....I don't pay too much attention to latest and greatest and so am looking for thoughts re: crankset and brakes. Should I go XTR...seems there is a new single ring crankset for that the way to go?

    I like quality, I like stuff not to break, light is good but not at the expense of durability. I like to ride every day and take my bike to the shop once a year for an tuneup...I keep it clean and the bits well lubed.

    Appreciate any advice/considerations.


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    I'm a fan of Sram's XX1 crank. Nice and stiff, looks good and is durable. You can get decent deals on used ones online.

    I'd go with shimano brakes something like XT's. I currently have Juicey Ultimate's but i'll be going to Shimano next year as I'm getting tired of the constant need to service the Avid's

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    The two cranks I've liked the most recently: Anything SRAM makes with a removable spider (add your favorite direct mount single ring) and a Raceface Turbine, depending on what BB type the frame wants.

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    I am sold on Race Face cranks although I know there are many good manufacturers. I do not have a removable spider on either set on my 2 bikes but IDC. I just got the basic simple Ride model that I picked up at Jensen USA for like 69 bucks without a ring and the second set I bought, for I think 99 bucks, came with a narrow/wide ring installed. To me that is damm hard to beat cause the quality/price ratio is excellent. But yes if your pockets are deep there is many sets for 5 times that much that are probably lighter and just as good or better.

    For brakes this is my first set of hydros so I am not overly experienced with what is out there but consider Shimanos because they use mineral oil. When I started shopping I was thinking how I didn't want to mess with DOT 3 paint remover on bike hydros and then I got tipped off on these forums about how Shimano used mineral oil and the rest was history. As far as which ones.....I personally bought the M675s from Chain Reaction cycles. I got 1 axle with a rotor for a tad over 100 bucks. What I liked about the 675 over the set that was 15-20 bucks cheaper was the fact that they used a banjo bolt to hold the line in instead of a standard fitting. Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzydog View Post
    I like quality, I like stuff not to break, light is good but not at the expense of durability. I like to ride every day and take my bike to the shop once a year for an tuneup...I keep it clean and the bits well lubed.
    white industries would be my pick, but I have a pretty strong bias against anything with big logos on it. The new XTR crank would be my second choice, I think that logo is done tastefully enough. I have had an e13 "external bb30" crank for a few years that I absolutely adore from a stiffness/weight perspective, but will be ditching it in the near future to go back to a square taper setup - I'm sure they have a decent offering now as well. The external BBs are just too high maintenance for me (to be fair my bike has a low bottom bracket and I ride through at least a creek or two every time I'm on it). I seem to get the best life out of the sram GXP bottom brackets. The high end BBs are probably worth the dough, I have only tried the enduro external bb30 but my brother has had great luck with a chris king BB. Plus they both come in pretty colors

    I'm not sure I've had them long enough to comment on reliability but XT brakes are pretty fantastic. The SRAM guide brakes are pretty dang nice too but only ridden those for a few miles in a demo capacity. THey almost had too much power for me, but I was used to bb7s at the time. Would like to try those again now that I've been on the XT brakes awhile. I prefer to stick with mineral oil for ease of service but we'll see if my tune changes in the wintertime.
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    I run old school square taper on my geared bikes and Octalink v1 on my single speeds.

    Shimano BB-UN72 and 73's were some of the best bottom brackets ever made in terms of durability. I crushed Phil Wood BB bearings in ~12 months; the Shimano ones have been going strong, some since 2010!

    Wifey has Stylo Cranks w/ GXP BB on her hard tail that I transplanted from one of my bikes a few years back and still spins like it is brand new. GXP BB on her single speed too.

    Middleburn, Shimano XT M750 (Octalink v1 XTR 952's too!) and White Industries are all quality cranks. I run mostly 4 bolt 104 and stout gearing on the single speeds.
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    I personally have had very good luck w/ both Shimano (Saint) and RF Turbine (both older and new cinch) cranks.

    RF bottom brackets aren't known for the same durability as Shimano, but ymmv.

    If it were me: Enve Handlebar/Thomson Post/Raceface NextSL Cranks/Hope Brakes.

    Ti deserves a high end build.

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    I love the new raceface cinch stuff get the next SL or the turbine if your scared of carbon I've got latest shimano cranks too but like the raceface more (you will need a 16mm Allen key and a new BSA30 BB tool)

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    Appreciate all the input, thanks.

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