check out my rigid beauty-
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    check out my rigid beauty

    I know you guys might appreciate this, the guys on the General Board may not have got it they way you guys might!! Rode a couple of laps of our rooty/rocky NC singletrack on this badboy yesterday and it was my first rigid ride. I love it, put a big ol' smile on my face. The tracking of a rigid fork is incredible, you guys were right it is a rough ride, but I made it!!! Good stuff. I found it also to be one hell of a bike for technical riding. log piles/ log rides everything was just plain better, not front dive when crossing a huge log, it was awesome!! thanks for the inspiration!! I know it is 1x8 and not a singlespeed so forgive me hahaha.
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    What fork are you using? Curious - I thought the Instigatorz were designed for one of the longer travel forks. It looks like you have a pretty steep head angle going on with what looks like a shorter (80mm?) fork - gotta be a quick steer. Big BMXer!

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    it is the instigator fork! 100mm travel adjusted. The frame calls for a 100-130 mm fork. w/ the 100 mm you get a more balanced feel for all around riding, no BB clearance issues what so ever!! great handling bike. My favorite part of my ride yesterday is when I wheelied off a log ride and my riding mate said "oh crap I gotta do it now, he just did it rigid" hahaha. funny stuff how people think you're "killin'" yourself. It rides plus as can be for what it is.

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    Nice Bike, I like bright yellow bikes,

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