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    Cheap freewheel noise?!

    OK- so I built up a dumpster-rescue 30 year old roadie SS style (52:20) using a super-cheap ACS "claw" bmx freewheel. The only problem is that the thing is super noisy when coasting. At high speeds, the bearings practically whine. It is defective? Did I over tighten it and wreck the bearings? Does it need lubrication? Is it just really cheap?

    Any input is appreciated!
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    ACS is the best name in freewheels. It isnt cheap, and it is made to make lots of noise. You didnt do anything wrong, its made for that.
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    the best name?

    Quote Originally Posted by tg6392
    ACS is the best name in freewheels. It isnt cheap,

    I guess we all have opinions...

    These ACS freewheels are not made to make noise. They have ratchet-type system like most other freewheels. The noise is a pawl slapping against the ring every time it freewheels past an engagement point. It is hard to describe noise, but eventually the sound that your freewheel makes will change...this usually signifies that the end is near.
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    not defective
    Acs FW are usually noisey when coasing, kinda like a King hub. When I had one on a aluminum BMX bike others would sometimes move out of my way on the bermed corners when doing practice runs on the bmx track cause it was like a hive of bees reverberating through the aluminum frame and thick dropouts. The shimano FW are quieter, but not any better, and the expensive ENO FW are about as loud, but much more expensive- not worth the cost on a cheap roadie SS. And Acs FW usually are not quite as loud in a steel frame, smaller tubes, doesn't reverberate through the frame as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by single1x1
    not defective
    Acs FW are usually noisey when coasing, kinda like a King hub.
    Wait until it gets wet. It won't sound like a King anymore, it'll sound like a broken POS.
    It's not (broken), just need to be overhauled already.
    Easy enough to do, but after every wet ride?

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    nothin wrong with ACS freewheels imho...

    i have had two go over a year on my well ridden mtn singlespeeds with no issues.

    i have gotten one that produces the dreaded ACS clunk so far on my commuter. seems like it might have been caused by too much chain tension.

    wihte industries freewheels sure are nice (i replaced my ACS with one when i geared up) but if you don't have the money to go there an ACS shouldn't cause you any problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by max-a-mill
    .........i have gotten one that produces the dreaded ACS clunk ......

    I had 2 ACS freewheels on my El Toro before getting a Hadley SS hub. Both developed the clunk within a couple of weeks. The second one sounded pretty bad like it was in failure, but it never did fail. I wanted a new set of wheels anyway.

    My brother has an ACS on his frankenbike SS and it started clunking after a couple of weeks of riding. He is still running it almost a year, but I have his new White Ind. freewheel sitting on the desk right now waiting for him to come over so we can put it on.
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    I had exactly the same experience with an ACS freewheel. The thing made a strange whining sound. I would descrbe it mostly whine with a little dash of grinding. The thing was defective out of the box, and it was not pawls nor bees and it definately didn't sound like a King hub. It sounded defective. That said, I still like ACS freewheels and for the minimal cost of a new one I just replaced it. Now everything is cool. I would have returned it but I bought it while working out of town (killin' time in a bike shop) and it's just not worth the drive. You should return yours.
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    i've been using a shimano fw on my SS for about 4 months now, no problems. doesn't make a sound either. hoping to upgrade to the WI down the road though.

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