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Thread: Cheap 22t cogs

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    Cheap 22t cogs


    are there any decent alternatives to the $30 Surly 22t cog?

    I just want to try out an extra low gear on my 29er SS to get up the long steeps I can't clean and usually end up walking up. I'm running 32*21 now, and I'm fat and old. I think 32*22 is as low as I can stand, and who knows? If I crank up the steeps a few times, I may get strong enough to ride it with a proper non-p^%&$ gear! Hey, I have no pride.

    I've tried single cogs out of cassettes before, but I always had issues with the chain dropping off., probably because they are so thin and flexy. I'm running a Hope Pro2SS hub with steel freehub, so gouges should not be a big problem.

    So yeah, weight is not a real big concern. I'm more after durability. I probably won't run this all the time. More of a training thing... as in, I need to get back in SS shape. Too much being lazy with a granny gear on my geared bike.

    I was thinking of looking out for a Shimano DX BMX cog, but I don't think they make them that big.

    If I end up loving it, I'll probably plunk down for a HBC cog.

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    $24 @ Universal. Not bad, me thinks for a wide base cog that'll log some miles. $2 cogs are like $2 hookers... fun for a bit but the wear & tear shows quickly. Surly is very Subaru'esque when it comes to resale.

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    I bought my 22t surly for 21.99 @ the bling ! Surly Splined Singlespeed Cog from Bike Bling
    Suicide by single speed. Work in progress.

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    Man, I have a 22t that I am not sure I'll ever use. PM me and convince me to ship it to you.

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