changing gearing, how to go about it ?-
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    changing gearing, how to go about it ?

    I am new to the SS thing, been riding a lot since summer has started and am loving it. I am wanting more gear bc I feel like a spinning out too easily.

    I was planning on picking up a 18t cog to swap out for the stock 20t, i was talking to a guy that has been running SS for years suggested I up the the chain ring. His explanation is if you are a masher you can get more power from the top end as you push down.

    So what to do? Pick up an 18t cog or invest in a new chain ring. If I go with 34 or 36? I am not that sure what to do.

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    I've wondered about this too. Larger chainring and smaller cog or larger cog and smaller chainring or does it ever matter.

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    Wait whuuut, who did he tell you that!?!?....

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    Go with your least expensive option.

    Nothing about the same ratio would give you *more* power if the size of the system was increased or decreased, i.e. 32/16 versus 64/32 = same thing.

    However, there could be a perceived difference in the amount of friction in the system, which could lead to 64/32 feeling smoother than 32/16. Track racers are known to favor slightly larger front and back because of this reason, but then they spin higher RPMs than most of us do on the trail.

    So to reiterate, just go with your cheapest option that gives you the ratio you think you need. Keep in mind that upping two teeth on the chainring will have a smaller effect than dropping two teeth on the cog, that's just the hazard of changing one component of a non-1:1 drivetrain.

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