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    Chain's Poppin' Like Rice Krispies!

    So, I've been running my 2010 Redline Monocog problem free for the last six months or so as a commuter. I pretty quickly replaced the stock 20t cog for an 18t TomiCog, and after commuting for a couple months decided I was ready to upgrade the chainring to a larger size. I put a 38 SS specific ring on her, and at first I thought I was going to have to throw a new chain on to accomodate the extra teeth. To my surprise the chain length worked, but the chain was tighter than hell without even using the tensioners (which had to be pushed back into their secondary positions). I decided to be cheap and still ride the bike like this, and did successfully for another month or two.

    Last week went on a morning trail ride and took the 'Cog because the rear brake on my full suspension bike is wonky. As soon as I got to the ride I realized I was geared way too tall, but I really wanted to get a ride in, so off I went. I mashed my way through the whole ride in the snow and the mud, still problem free. So Saturday of last week, three days after the trail ride, and the day before my first cross race, I decided to swap out the 38 for the original 33t.

    As soon as I got the 33t ring bolted on and the rear wheel all set in the dropouts, I noticed a sound and vibration that I have never experienced with this bike. The chain pops, not constantly through the rotation of the pedals, but pretty frequently, and if you're holding the crank arm you can feel it as well. Now, my chain has been stretched beyond 1 on my Park chain checker for about three months, so my question is twofold and begins thusly: If this problem is caused by a stretched chain, why did it wait to manifest? if it's not the stretched chain, any ideas what might be causing this? The drivetrain has been configured this exact way before with all of the same parts and didn't have this problem. The bike didn't have this problem after I put the larger ring on. My best guess is that I mega-stretched the chain riding it tight tight tight with the larger ring, and now it's not happy dealing with the smaller number of teeth. Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks to those of you read all of this and comment.
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    You stretched your chain with the larger cog (and probably wore the teeth of the larger cog as it matched up with the stretched chain) and now it's trying to work its way around a smaller cog with less worn teeth. Try a new or even slightly less stretched chain with the smaller cog and it will likely be quieter.
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    yep. just need a new chain that isnt stretched. had this problem with many of my friends bikes as well
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    If you're running 3/32" drive, get a SRAM PC-970, cut it to the length of your old chain + 1 link, and use your tensioners for what they're designed for.

    Why a 9 speed chain? because it saves weight and runs smoother with imperfect chainline. Never had a problem with one snapping or popping off, even with ramped chainrings.

    You could even go to a 10 speed super light chain, but the additional benefit is really not worth the added cost.

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