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    Wink Chainring wear...

    ... just wanted to pass this on to all my SS friends:

    I have been doing an experiment to see if my assumption was true. I have noticed during regular maintenance over the past year on my single speed bike which I ride exclusively the chain always has a high and low spot when rotated. Meaning the chain loosens at a certain point and tightens at another point.

    I wanted to see where the action was coming from. I checked the crank spider thinking it was bent? Nope! Checked the chainring next, Wa-laa! while running a pair of calipers around the chain ring there it was. The teeth were worn down more on one section of the chainring, lucky I marked the location, so back on the crank it went! There it was perfectly lined up the front chainring has a higher wear area in the 90 degree front half nearest the crank arm. Considering this is where the most torque or load is applied to the front chainring the most wear occurs.

    I lined up the chainring to the other crank arm when it hits its power stroke! Seems just the right side does this or at least does it most, or I might be applying the most power with my right foot.

    Since then I have rotated my front chainring 90 degrees and have obtained a bit more "use" from it and smoother less noisy chain action, yes not perfect, but better. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to be cheap and when something is worn out I replace it. I know a stretched chain causes the sprocket wear and I check it all the time with a chian wear gauge.

    The pic shows a higher wear area on the front chainring, excuse my use of a moto rear sprocket as it was from one of my moto design programs and just easier to use. You get the idea!

    Just a liitle tip that might help my SS friends!
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    Good post. Btw, the whole right side of my body is stronger than the left. I try sometimes to even it out, but the effort never lasts long enough to make a difference.
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    Yep, I found the exact same thing. I had a HBC chainring that I used for 3500 miles. It ran in 4 different orientations.... 2 "clocked" and 2 "flipped". It still had life in it after that but due to my obsessive cleaning habit, the red anodize was looking very pink! Had to switch it out.

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    Switching positions right now. Got a HBC on order and I will rotate it my girlfriends.

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