Chain slack on a Chameleon 4 w/ EBB-
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    Chain slack on a Chameleon 4 w/ EBB

    So I am new to the single speed scene and I have a question about chain tension. I have a Santa Cruz Chameleon with an EBB. I have been fooling around with the EBB and trying to get it set so I have proper chain tension. The problem is a have to take everything apart to rotate the EBB (I have an external BB). So I thought I finally had it right but when I rotate the cranks at one point the chain is almost too tight and then it is ok and then it goes too slack. I am thinking it has something to do with my chainring and not the EBB. Has anyone had this problem and what is a solution? Also, is there an easy way to figure out chain tension without just fiddling? Thanks in advance.

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    Chainring, cog can (and usually are) almost always out of round. Back when ISAR (Homebrewed Components) was still in business, he used to preach this quite a bit, as he claimed his rings were ROUND.

    Anyway, the best thing to do is mark where the chain is the tightest, then adjust tension from there. Doesn't matter if it goes too slack, as long as your chainline is good. Even my Surly rings don't have *that* much variance between tight and loose spots to cause any concern.

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    Most of my chain tension variance is from my freehub. I can see the chain rise and drop while freewheeling (spin the rear tire while keeping the chain, chainring, and sprocket stationary). Like phsycle said, "Doesn't matter... as long as your chainline is good."

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