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    chain length ?

    Since this question got mired down in confusion on my previous post, I'll try again.

    How much play in the chain is recommended? When I bought my Haro Mary, it was a shop demo bike with not many miles. The shop owner recommended 1/2" to 1" of play. Now that I've hammered on this thing for a couple of months, the play is closer to 1& 1/2 " maybe more. I haven't thrown the chain yet, but I don't want to wait til that happens.

    I have the EBB rotated fully forward to take as much slack out of the chain as possible, but I think it's still too slack. But if I rotate the EBB fully rear-wards, there is not enough extra chain to remove a link and still be able to connect the chain. Any suggestions?

    (yes, the chain has a power link, and yes, I know how it works)


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    Thing yer bike is telling you it's time to replace yer chain

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    Sounds like your chain might be shot if it's developed that much play. You can either measure it or find a shop with a Chain Wear Indicator tool.

    How to measure: (Scoll to the bottom of the page.)

    Example Chain Checker tool: Park CC-3 Chain Wear Indicator


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    Same here. EBB rotated all the way forward, 2 week old chain which started out with about 1/2" up and down play now has more than 1" each way so I replaced it last night with a new one. At this rate I'll be replacing chains every 2-3 weeks....that can't be right. Thinking of using a half-link but I am not sure I trust them.

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    I am using a half link but I have to tell you guys, there is no way to avoid chain wear.

    I just barely converted a couple of days ago and my chain is already getting a bit floppy, I want to see if I will be able to take a link out or not, even then if you have to replace the chain you (sometimes) have to replace the chainrings too because they are matched to the old worn chain.

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