chain derailing--do i need a non-ramped cog?-
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    chain derailing--do i need a non-ramped cog?

    I'm trying to figure out why my chain derails under load. The line looks good to me by eye at least and I seem to have good tension on the chain. I do not have any special bash guards or inner thing to keep it on, but it appears at least to be derailing from the back cog. Made another chainline adjustment and it seems to be holding tight, but making some noises--two questions:

    1) is using a regular ramped cog from a 9 speed cogset a potential cause for derailemnt?

    2) I happened to have a 10 speed chain in my toolbox, so i used it, should I be using a fatter chain?

    This is a 29er mountain bike for riding off road, if that matters.

    also, is there a better way to test the operation without riding in the woods, I'd like to solve this problem in the garage rather than the woods.

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    A ramped rear cog can definitely have something to do with it. SS Cogs are pretty cheap and can be had at any LBS. I would just go down there and get one seems you have the spacers already needed so not a lot of time/money will be needed.

    I don't think the chain matters I personally use a SRAM PC-850 which is a 8 speed chain. Most technology for chains go into non SS versions anyways so you're better off. I think there are a few on here who run Dura Ace chains which I think are also 10 speed and haven't heard any complaints on the board.
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    I had the same problem when recently building my first SS. I had new ramped cog on the bike and the drive train was noisy and clunky. The chain would drop once in a while and the chain line was straight. After replacing the cog with Surly SS cog ALL the problems went away. Also I use a 9 speed chain.

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    8 or 9 speed chain and a SS specific rear cog will solve your problems more than likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1SPD
    8 or 9 speed chain and a SS specific rear cog will solve your problems more than likely.
    I concur

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