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    Cat 2 SS Race Result - 2nd place on a 32 lb Mongoose

    So I haven't done any XC racing in a couple of years (been riding on the skinny tires) and I wanted to go out and have a little fun. The road racing has been good fun, but it's a little uptight sometimes. Well... Walmart called the bike shop I work at and told us they had a few bikes they wanted to throw away because of defects. We figured this would be a fun time to play around a bit. We took a Mongoose Deception we found in the pile, threw the handlebars and WTB wheels off of my Unit on it, found a 44t fixie crank laying around the shop, pieced together a bmx chain, and jammed the 18t rear wheel into the dropouts. Some of the other fun parts was a massive gel saddle, the reflectors, the Walmart disc brakes, and the 32 pound race weight.

    The Dorba season opener was held at a trail I raced a lap on 2 years ago when I was in Cat 3 and I knew it was flat as a pancake so I'd possibly have a chance at doing decent. The field was 16 riders deep and since I had pre-registered I got a front row start. After a bit of a wait for rider check in they blow the whistle for the start. Everyone takes off and I get a good clip in, but due to the 44-18 gearing I have to mash like crazy just to get the bike moving. I get bumped back to 10th or so. After about a 100 meter start I manage to make several passes and go into the single track in 4th for a very fast first section of trail. Within another 50 meters I make another pass on a good size straight away. After some sorting a group of 3 of us break away from the rest of the pack and start sizing each other up. The other two guys were able to come out of tight corners leaps and bounds faster than me, but I was able to make up the deficit on the faster sections. After a couple of miles I'm able to make my way into 1st place. Myself and 2nd place were then able to drop the 3rd guy in the pack, and a short while later I was passed for the lead in a very tight section and couldn't keep up. So to not drag on within the next 10 miles I make the pass for the lead again, get caught after making a wrong turn to wind up in 3rd, and then catch back up on the second lap and make the pass for 2nd. So we get within a half mile of the finish and I come around a corner and spot the leader. At this point one of the many reflectors we bolted onto the bike had come loose and was rattling around all over the place so the first place guy looks back and realizes I'm only 15 seconds back or so. He told me later he thought he had it wrapped up and had backed off. I had hooked up with the geared Cat 2 leaders and paced back up to him. So now we're in chase. I was giving it the beans. All I had. I was treating it like the last lap of a crit and I was the lead out guy. I was making ground little by little, and at the last corner I got on his wheel. The sprint was a good 100 meter sprint so I knew I'd be able to get him with the huge gear. We come out of the woods and up onto the road and I go into sprint mode. As soon as I did my left foot pops out of the pedal! After fumbling to get back in I continue the chase. We installed bar ends on the 700mm bars and I was swinging the bike like no tomorrow. Across the line we go and I end up .80 of a second behind! Needless to say he was surprised I was there.

    Overall it was a total blast and it was fun listening to people talking about the crazy guy on a Mongoose with the gel saddle. I can say though that my back is absolutely killing me.

    I thought it was only necessary that I took the bike up to the podium.

    Cat 2 SS Race Result - 2nd place on a 32 lb Mongoose-dorba-lbh-cat-2-ss-2nd-place.jpg

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    Good story. Just goes to show it not about the bike, but the rider. Nice job.

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    Congrats on your 2nd place finish - that is really strong. I'm thinking you are a cat-1 podium level racer with a sub-22 lb bike!! I raced against you and I remember you passing me at the start like I was going backwards. Maybe you can add about 20 more lbs to it if you bring it to the other dorba races??? ;-) Congrats again.

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    + rep to the TS.

    good job!

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    Thinkin the 44x18 might have had a lot to do with it. But still very nice job man!
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    Cat 2 SS Race Result - 2nd place on a 32 lb Mongoose

    not a huge fan of this post. I thought there might be an amusing or self deprecating angle when I opened it but really all you're saying here and demonstrating by bringing the bike up is "look how awesome I am". Kind of rubbing it in a little don't you think?

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    Great post! I ride a 30 lb. SS and am inspired by stuff like this.
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