Can we have some update from ENO freewheel users?-
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    New question here. Can we have some update from ENO freewheel users?

    how long have you used them and how are they holding up? problems?

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    My oldest ENO FW is one of the first 21T produced and has seen the most use of the four I own. It has seen 3(?) Oregon winters and 4-5 chains. I opened it after the first winter just to look at the insides. It was perfectly clean in the pawls/ratchet mech.

    Never touched it again until this spring. After a wet and gritty race I let the bike sit for 10 days before I cleaned it. The FW was frozen.
    I bit of spray solvent freed it.
    Opened the FW for cleaning and to repack the bearing. This is what it looked like inside:

    Very little crud in the ratchet teeth. Cleaned it. Added a bit of tension to the pawl springs. Almost no signs of wear on the pawls or ratchets.

    The cartridge bearing was gunked up worse. Flushed it and repacked with grease.

    Reassembled with synthetic motor oil in the ratchet mech.

    Spins better than ever and is still spinning well. The bearing is a bit sloppy (still better than any other new FW). Learned later you can get a replacement bearing direct from WI for under $10 (CHEAP!).

    The cog teeth show a little wear. Far from needing replacement. Doug White told me they are using a longer wearing grade of steel now for even longer wear.

    So I have serviced this ENO ONCE in two years.

    My ACS Claws needed to be flushed and relubed at least once a week during the winter or they seized.

    Problems? They are stiff when new. It can take a month or more for them to break in.
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    Good job!

    My 19 tooth ENO is still going strong after two and a half years. Pretty dry here in No. AZ, so no need to take her apart yet. Spins uber-smooothly and the teeth show absolutely zero signs of wear! Three chain swaps.

    I think I like it! Gotta get a 20 toother soon, before Momma's Retrotec arrives in a coupla weeks.

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