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Thread: Cadence?

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    While training indoor during the winter months, I tried to keep a 90 RPM average to avoid hurting my knees and overtraining.

    However while climbing on my ss outdoor , what minimum cadence should I be looking for in order not to burn out? In other words should I use cadence as a judge to the ratio that I should be riding depending on the area and my own power.

    Not sure if my question make sense or not but it does to me. if not let me know and I will try again>


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    When climbing, I know my cadence is too low if I tip over sideways.

    I think I get what you are asking, but for me, the appeal of riding SS is that it obviates this kind of uber technical conundrum. I just get on and pedal. If I get tired or achy climbing a hill, I stop and rest or walk for a while (or run if its a race -- at a certain point it is faster and more energy efficient anyway).

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    yeah, I don't think about cadence so much as my actual pedal stroke. However the joy of ssing is losing thought of all of these things and simply riding IMHO.

    I try to be more in tune w/ my heart rate these days. That said, listen to your body when in doubt, if your knees are telling you something on the SS, listen.
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    On a singlespeed you are always in the "wrong" gear and it develops your ability to use a wide range of pedaling speed. Cadence is what it needs to be for the terrain and your strength/fitness level. You just need to figure out what gearing lets you manage the climbs and be reasonably happy on the flats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeanutButterBreath
    When climbing, I know my cadence is too low if I tip over sideways.
    Keep pedaling until you can't bring the pedals over the top anymore.

    Because you are standing while climbing, you're not putting the same stress on your knees.

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    Pretty much what he said. The only real cadence question for me is when to throw in the towel on a climb and get out of the saddle, or to get off the bike altogether and push. There's definitely a point where the effort required to keep turning the pedals over is far greater than what it takes to walk (at the same or better speed.) The only SS-related knee problems I've had have been related to working climbing "problems" at low revs.

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