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    Building a SS

    So I really want to build a SS. I've decided that I want to go 29 and steel also. I've partially decided to go with a Redline Monocog or a Kona Unit.

    The Kona Unit is 799 with a frame only cost around 300.

    The Redline Monocog is 499 with frame and fork cost around 250.

    Here's my question: Is it worth building my own or is it much cheaper to buy the complete bike? I saw a build kit from pricepoint for 590.

    I would love suggestions and comments. The reason for me building a bike is probably the same reason why many of you build your own bikes...its fun and gives you something to do.


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    It is almost always cheaper to buy off the peg - at least until you start changing bits around! If you want a very specific build then custom is the way to go, but if you just wanna get going buy the complete bike.

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    It's almost always going to be cheaper to buy a complete. You also have to factor in the tools that you'll need for the build---Headset press, BB tool, chain tool, chain whip, lockring tool, cable/housing cutter, etc.

    Pros of buying complete are: 1- No assembly required 2- Ride right away 3- LBS support for any issues arising from the assembly 4- Usually better value

    Cons - 1- Components are usually cheaper, especially the headset and BB. 2- You don't gain any knowledge about putting a bike together.

    If you have no interest in tinkering with building a bike, have limited funds and would rather ride right away, buy a complete. And speaking of, you should be comparing a Monocog Flight vs a Kona Unit. Both same price range, similar tubing, sliding dropouts, discs, etc. You should check on ebay or craigslist for the Flights. I know there is a guy on here looking to sell his Flight, maybe (medium size). But to add: Fun/buck factor, Monocog is hard to beat. I have an 08 and it's a sweet ride. Check around---You can do better than $499 for a Monocog.

    But I will say that building up a bike is very satisfying. I've now built up 3 bikes from frame up, and it does have that "special" feeling.

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