Building a Santa Cruz Chameleon SS-
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    Building a Santa Cruz Chameleon SS

    Hi All
    I just picked up an 06 Santa Cruz Chameleon frame and I am thinking about building it into a SS. I have a great All Mountain and was looking for a change.

    I have a RS SID 100 mm fork and a bunch of random parts.

    I understand how to put it all together and have been building bikes for years.

    What I am looking for is advise on what to buy... I don't want to spend a ton of cash but will spend on the right parts. I want to keep it light and most of the trails I would ride it on would be single-track with a lot of smaller rocks and roots.

    Wheels - Buy prebuilt or build them?
    Gear ratios - I climb, what should I settle on?
    brakes - Hydro or something like BB7's

    Thanks for the help

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    This is so, so very much a personal question you will get 100 different opinions to, but here's mine.

    Wheels - you will certainly get a cheaper wheelset buying prebuilt. Even hand built wheels are cheaper online. I love building my own wheels, however, and I find myself making excuses to do so. XT stuff is quality, and found so inexpensive, that's what I would go with budget wise, however I've also got a Hadley SS hub, which is super nice, and 72 point of engagement/ti axle/ti freehub for less than King.

    Gearing - most people shoot for 2/1 on 26ers, 32/16 typically. 16 is as small as I would go in back (because of the increased wear of only using one cog), and 32 nets you a lot of clearance. If you climb a lot, get an 18 out back, or if you find 2/1 is too easy, get a 34 or even 36 up front. Just that easy.

    Brakes - People love their hydros, people love their BB7s, and people love their Vees. I feel you'll get a lot of opinions here. My take is that to get BB7s to work as well as hydros do all the time, it takes fine tuning, and often extra expense (nokon housing, powercordz...), and then they still weigh more. If hydros don't intimidate you, which coming from AM they probably don't, and you've got the budget, spend the money there.

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