Building a bike...ideas?-
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    Carver, 96r
    Aluminum, 96r, EBB, 80mm travel,
    Carver 96r Ti
    Titanium, 96r, EBB, 80mm travel,
    Commencal, VIP
    Titanium, sliding drop-out, 1399
    Cotic Simple
    853 steel, slotted drop-out, 100-130mm fork travel, 420
    Dekerf Solitare
    853 Steel, EBB, 1000 (ish)
    Dialled-Bikes Love/Hate
    520 steel, EBB, 100mm fork travel, 255
    Giant XTC
    Aluminium, Slotted drop/outs, 299
    Kinesis UK Decade
    Prestige steel, slotted drop-out, 100mm fork travel, 300
    Kona Explosif
    Com 12,5 steel, sliding drop-out, 100mm fork travel, 360
    Kona Big Unit
    Scandium, 29r, sliding drop-out, 800mm fork travel,
    Kona Unit
    Butted steel, sliding drop-out, 100mm fork travel, 399
    Lynskey Rigeline26
    Titanium, sliding drop-out, 100mm fork travel, 1199
    Lynskey PRO29
    Titanium, 29er, sliding drop-out, 80mm fork travel, 1199
    Niner One9
    Scandium, EBB, 80mm fork travel, 599
    Niner SIR9
    853 Steel, EBB, 80mm fork travel, 599
    On-one Inbred
    Steel, slotted drop-out, 100mm fork travel, 145.96
    On-one, Titanium 29r
    Titanium, slotted drop-out, 80mm travel, 1184.26
    Orange P7
    Steel, sliding drop-out, up to 140mm fork travel, 379
    Redline Monocog
    Steel, slotted drop-outs, rigid fork
    Roberts Dogsbolx
    Steel, Custom, 900
    Rourke 853
    Steel, Custom, 595
    Rouke 953
    Steel, Custom, 1250
    Salsa El mariachi
    Steel, EBB, 29r, rigid fork, 699,99
    Salsa Selma
    Scandium/carbon, EBB, 29r, 850.00
    Sanderson Soloist
    Chomoly, EBB, 300 TBC
    Santacruz Chamelian
    Alu, EBB, 100-160mm fork travel, 429.99
    Setavento Custom
    Titanium, slotted drop-out, custom fork travel, 720
    Singular Peregrine
    Steel, Phil EBB, 360
    Soma 4one5
    Prestige steel, slotted drop-out, 80mm fork travel, 200
    Soul cycles, Dillinger
    Aluminium, EBB, 29r, 100mm fork travel, 275(ish)
    Soul cycles, Hooligan
    Aluminium, EBB, 26r, 100mm fork travel, 275(ish)
    Spot Brand, singlespeed
    slotted drop/out, 100mm fork travel, 699
    Surly 1x1
    DB steel, slotted drop-out, rigid fork included, 325
    Surly Pugsly
    DB steel, slotted drop-out, rigid fork included, 425
    Van Nicholas Zion
    Titanium, 70-100mm fork travel, 817.80
    Vassago Jabbawocky
    Steel, Slotted drop-outs, 80mm fork travel, ~300
    Ventana, El toro
    Steel, 26r, EBB, 451mm fork length, 600 (ish)
    Ventana, El commendante
    Steel, 29r, EBB, 480mm fork length, 700 (ish)
    Voodoo D-Jab
    Titanium, slidding drop-out, 100mm fork travel, 799
    Voodoo Dambala
    Steel, 29r, slidding drop-out, 80mm fork travel, 400 (ish)
    Voodoo Wanga
    631 steel, sliding drop-out, 100mm travel fork, 329
    Willits Scorcher
    Steel, 29r, slotted drop-outs, rigid fork,

    list shamelessly googled.....and only a fraction of what's out there...
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