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    Build a Frankenbike or buy one used?

    I've been wanting to try single speed for a long time now and my fs has been giving me troubles so I'm ready to take the plunge. The decision now is between cobbling together a bike or buying one used on craigslist. I've got a 2005 Stumpjumper Expert FSR 120 that could provide most of the parts. The front fork (Fox Talas RL) was recently rebuilt and is running well, stock handlebars and stem that are good enough for the job, Thomson seatpost, and Juicy 7 brakes could all go on a new bike. The front wheel is serviceable but not great and I'll probably have to upgrade the cranks. That leaves me buying a used frame, probably a new mid-end wheelset or used higher-end set, and various parts here and there. I'd have the fun of building a bike and at least some parts that I trust, as well as a fall back in case I decide ss isn't for me.

    On the other hand, I could pick something up on craigslist; I've seen some pretty nice setups in the $800-1200 range. I could possibly get rid of my bike to recoup some of the losses although that isn't guaranteed. That would let me get a 29er which seems a little better suited to my riding but isn't totally necessary. But that would also require patience. I've been watching craigslist for months now and even though some great bikes have come up they are usually the wrong size.

    So, is it worth the trouble to Frankenstein a bike or should I keep patiently watching?

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    trusting someone else's build isn't necessarily a bad call, but you're going on faith that they knew what they were doing.
    if you build it and it's fooked, you've got noone to blame, and that'll keep you from whining on the internet.
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    You'll learn more and value a bike you built out of parts you already had more than if you pick up a new/ used bike. I wouldn't buy anything that wasn't necessary for the conversion. Just get a frame now and swap all your parts over. You are going have to replace stuff down the road anyways for unforseen reasons.


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    Build Your own , i did mine and fel more satisfied and relaxed now, not Being so afraid to brake it because you know how to repair it.

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    I did my first build this year and it was so much fun!
    -rides bikes for fun.

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