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    New question here. Brake Cables for Avid Discs?

    I have been using the Jagwire Brake cables on my geared bike and am now putting mechs. on the SS. What is everyone else using and how do the Jagwires compare?

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    I have a Jagwire cable in a full housed housing, that is the cable housing runs all the way from the brake levers to the caliper. The front is Jagwire and is 10 times smoother than the generic steel wire I have running to the rear caliper. Obviously the shorter cable for the front helps reduce friction, but still just need to pick up a Jagwire for the rear, been to busy riding to care right now to change out the rear, but now that I think of it, I will later!! I think the Jagwire work just fine.
    FYI I have them paired to Avid ultimate levers so the front break feels just creamy dreamy!

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    jagwires for my avids too

    and i really like 'em. i've heard that the full metal jacket things are also quite nice, but i don't know how they price comparitively. given how they have performed, if they are cheaper (which i find likely) i'll stick with the jagwires and put 'em on my wifes avids when her cables need changing.

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    I'm using Odyssey (I think it's BMX cable) and it works's not lightweight by any means but my brakes are dope. Full housing to the rear too, using those QBP cable guide thingys.
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    LBS special. Works fine, and is stinking cheap to replace--every cable brand seems to crap out at the same time, anyway. I like Avid Flakjackets, though. Whatever you use, drill out your stops for full housing--makes a world of difference.
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    Generic QBP housing (manufactured by Jagwire, bought in bulk in 25' or 100' rolls, can be as cheap as 25 per foot) along with whatever stainless steel cable is available.

    Add in some careful housing end prep (square off the cut, trim off fringes of outer lining, flute open inner liner with awl or scribe) and give it a good long squirt of dry lube (Boeshield T9, Silicone Spray, SailKote, etc) and you'll have the smoothest brakes on the mountain and you won't feel the least bit sorry when the time comes to trashcan the cables at the end of a season.

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    airborne flyte lines. teflon coated.

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    Long history with Avid Flaks, continued now on the bike with Avid mech disc brakes. I used the Full Metal jacket for the front brake, in concert with the piece of Flak they include, and Flaks all the way to the back, because I couldn't find a Metal routing I liked on the small Blur frame.

    I've been worried about the Full Metal Jacket tubing getting kinked or pinched, but after several crashes, the rider's taken more hurt than the tubing.

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