Bought a new Specialized Crave SL-
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    Bought a new Specialized Crave SL

    Like the title says, I just bought a new Specialized Crave SL, which the 2015 models are on sale if anyone is interested. I finally have a proper mountain bike!

    Question: what is the best tubeless kit for the Specialized?


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    I think the wheels are tubeless ready... I know the GC tires are awesome tubeless and set up easy.

    If you need rim tape, stans is probably the way to go. Same with the tubeless valve. Orange seal is the best sealant IMHO.

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    You need some way of making the rim airtight, and you need a valve that is also airtight.

    For a simple, one-piece solution, I kind of liked using stan's strips on one of my wheelsets. They are rubber with an integrated valve, looks kind of like an inner tube. Takes like a second to slap on, and I think the valve is a little less fiddly than some others I've tried. I don't know that it's the best solution but it has its advantages for a first-timer I think; kinda hard to screw up. That said, net of everything if you use the right tape and decent valves it's gonna be hard to go wrong.

    I think the key to the whole thing is getting the bead set right. Access to compressed air = absolute bliss. You'll work yourself silly trying to seat the bead with a floor pump, and you're not supposed to use CO2 because it reacts with the ammonia in the goop.

    I went down to walmart and bought a compressed air tank, which is handy but even that is hit-or-miss for setting the bead. Gas station pumps likewise don't always have enough gumption to get the job done, although the ones at truck stops do, just don't blow the tire off the rim. You'll need a presta-shraeder adapter, which costs about a buck.

    If you decide to use CO2 anyway, note, it will get the bead started but doesn't always set it all the way around. If you look closely, there's a line scribed into the tire that should set just above the rim. Blow up your tires and look at where that line sits, look all the way around. If the line disappears behind the rim, the bead is not right in that spot. You need to squirt it with Windex and pump it up some more, pump it up to 50 if you have to, and listen for the pop.

    Your LBS might give you some free air but they won't give you free CO2 carts, right? Set the bead once, do it right the first time, get it nice and sealed, and the rest is easy.

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    Congrats on the's a nice one!

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