I am getting a Boone chainring to replace the chainring that came with my Truvativ Stylo GXP single speed cranks. The cranks currently have a bash guard. However, I am not sure I need and/or want the bashguard. Does anyone know what size/length chainring bolts I will need to install the Boone with and/or without the Bashguard on the TV cranks. I simply want to get some in advance so I have them when the Boone arrives. I was told that the Boone is going to be thinner than the Truvativ chainring. When I put a bashguard on my Turner, I had to make an extra trip to the LBS because the chainring bolts were not the right length.

Also, I am adding a Boone cog as well. Should I just get a new chain too? Are there Ti chains?