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    Blackspire Stinger experiences

    I am thinking about converting my cx bike to 1x1 or 1x10. The frame does not have any way to tension the chain. I don't like spring-loaded tensioners anyone tried the Blackspire Stinger? I was planning to use it with a 38-40t ring.
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    I don't have 1x or SS experience with it but ran close to 2000 miles with one on my 2x so I can speak to it's longevity. It held up very well. Imparted relatively minimal resistance and has a pretty wide range of adjustment depending on your application. Mine was ISCG05 mount. I just took it of my Stumpjumper Carbon Expert Evo only because I just got tired of the wonkiness when the cranks are back pedalled. No big deal but it just didn't allow a clean chainline when the bike was being backpedalled for maintenance. It would force the chain to either climb or drop on the cassette unless it was lined up perfectly in bottom ring front, center ring back. An issue that would not occur on an SS. I went with the Spec chainstay protector/dongle.

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    I've run one for a couple of years, really makes whipping the back wheel off a breeze compared to a lot of rear mounted tensioners. Mine mounts by replacing a spacer on the BB. Just don't use grease, use some friction paste if mounting this way and make sure your BB is well torqued up. Any adjustments make later (with a kick or hammer ;-) may cause the BB cup to loosen a little so make future adjustments at the roller end tho a trail side kick will work too.

    Its been quite flawless and only mention the above things so your aware if you encounter them. Never dropped a chain or slipped a cog in 1500km

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    My ISCG mounted stinger has been working great on my 1x1. I think I left the granny ring bolts off of the crnk because clearance was tight there, in my setup.

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    Out of curiosity, why are you running a tensioner on your 1x1?

    I think I misinterpreted. Thought you meant a Surly 1x1. I assume you just mean your singlespeed. This thread does have me thinking of using it on my horizontal dropouts to slam the rear wheel and increase chainwrap.

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