Big plans for the old 1x1, Qs-
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    Big plans for the old 1x1, Qs

    Plan A - Want to dabble in cyclocross this season.

    I need skinnier tires, already have some semi-slicks
    Not essential, but I should put a rigid fork back on.
    What would be a good gear? My 34/18 is pretty fast in the New England woods and good on the hills, but it will be too low for cross racing. 38/18 maybe?

    Plan B - Want to try some fixie on the road.

    I'll throw a cog and lockring on the flop side.
    Have some Town and Country 1.5s. Again with the rigid fork.
    And again with the gears. Whats a good gear for road fix on a 26"?

    What is the biggest chainring you ever fit on a 1x1? I have a old XT compact drive crank. Could I get a 38 on there? Just by eyeballing it the 42 doesn't look like it will fit. Anyone have firsthand experience?
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    Go 700c maybe.

    It is my understanding that a 1x1 can be built up as a 29r. I think it may be cool to put some 700c SS cross wheels on with flip flop hubs, then you could go fixed or free. You could likely run some meaty cross tires like a 40 or 42 if desired. You may have braking issues though unless someone makes Vs or Cantis with enough each for the big wheels. If not you would have to go with discs, not sure if they are legal yet for cross. Discs would probably mess up the fixie thing unless when you wanted to go fixed you replaced the rear disc with a disc mount 6 bolt fixie cog. I know those are out there, I've seen them. My SS cross bike can go fixed or free and currently has 35s on it. It was designed for 700c wheels though. I also have a 26" SS bike currently set up with 700c SS wheels and disc brakes with a 42 tire in front and 40 in the rear.
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    1x1 toptubes are so short IMO, one might as well use a slightly shorter stem to fit a drop bar. Any 26" will fit 35mm cross tires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloxxki
    Any 26" will fit 35mm cross tires.
    That's a pretty sweeping comment there, Cloxxki. I've been toying with the idea of pulling out the 26" wheels on my Trek 950 and putting 700c wheels in with long-reach road brakes. While 35c cross tires might not fit under road brakes, I've been worried about trying to squeeze in road tires larger than 23c or so. Do you know otherwise?

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