Bianchi Sok 29er-
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    Bianchi Sok 29er

    I was considering a new singlespeed 29er. Anyone that has some experience with this bike let me know what you think. Even if you test rode it and chose a different bike lemme know. Thanks guys and gals.

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    yikes! I've never even heard of this one...too cooped up with any frame being a SS.

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    haven't ridden this one yet. rode the rita last year. im pretty sure its probably the same geo but i could be wrong. rita ran great, i just wasn't digging the whole 29er thing. im probably the only one around here anyone who isn't a believer

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    Yep, basically 2008's version of the Rita. If you ask me, I think Bianchi realized the "she's single and 29" theme had grown tired. I think the WTB wheels are upgraded to Dual Duty--as I recall--don't know what else. Frame has more reinforcement around the head tube/down tube area, compared with the Rita, which, as a Rita owner, causes me some concern. I've seen the blue Sok in action, metallic flakes in the paint glinting in the sunlight. Hopefully the paint will stick to the tubes better than my Rita. Actually, I don't really give a damn about paint. But it would be a shame to leave pretty blue paint chips all over the countryside. I have no idea what "Sok" means. Anyone?

    BTW: I love my Rita. I mean. . .she's single and 29! Who wouldn't love her? I don't have anything technical to add; in all seriousness I simply love riding this bike. In the ten months I've owned it I've ridden it more than I rode my Jekyll, which I owned for five years. Rita took my little trembling hand and brought me over to the dark side of mountain biking. I'm grateful for that.

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    Yep I got one. I love it, it just begs to be ridden hard. I'm a roadie (well was...) and this was my first mountain bike, so I can't compare it to anything, but when I rode with my experienced friend he said that I handled the technical stuff amazingly well for a rookie (he was inclined to believe that it was the bike and not me that did it). I just took it to the Watershed/ Gambrill State Park in Frederick MD, which is full of big rocks and some nice drops, and while I did have to a do a fair amount of hiking on some of the hills, the bike handled the downhills like a champ. It took the rocks and steps really smoothly and even encouraged me to go balls out on the big rock drop offs.

    On smooth swoopy singletrack, the bike just flies, it's heavenly. Also, it's friggin beautiful. The other bikes I looked at were the Kona Unit and Jamis Exile (of which I much preferred the exile), but in the end the WTB hubs, the Reba, and the copious amounts of style sold me on the Sok. And it's Italian. Sok is apparently Italian for stump, go figure. Hope this helps.

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