Because of disc fixie.....-
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    Because of disc fixie.....

    Wow, I'm really surprised by the number of requests for drilled cogs. Much more than I thought. So many that I'm stealing my dad's old drill press and making a jig to hold the cog in place. I had been clamping an old rotor and using a hand held drill up to this point.

    For the record I am not in the business of making bike parts, this is still a MTBR bro deal. These are cheap steel cogs from where ever they can be found. Most are Novatec, but Mosh and Dimension cogs are also used. Cogs are $10 shipped in the US, add $2 to Canada. They cost me $5 and shipping is about $3.75. The left over pays for ruined drill bits and cold Mt.Dew.

    I'm going to use this thread to keep track your orders and will be editing this first post to do so. Let's get it started.

    max-a-mill / 17,20 / Paid / Waiting on LBS
    Plum / 16,18 / Paid / Waiting on LBS
    Endomaniac / 18,20 / Addy sent / Waiting on LBS
    benwitt11 / 16,17x2,18,20 / Addy sent
    henrymiller / 16,18 / Addy sent
    DmofoT / 16,17,18 / On hold till return to US
    SS Gladiator / 18 / Addy sent
    SlowerThenSnot / 20x2 / Addy sent
    cheepnis / 18 / Addy sent
    Baulz / 17?18? / Addy sent
    klownprinze / 16 / Addy sent
    green mt. boy / 18 / Addy sent
    nwpolo321 / 18 / Addy sent

    Let me know if you need more info added.
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    opinion here

    The "bro" deals are very cool but you should get compensation for your time and your idea. Im sure the 'Bros" you are helping out would be willing to pay a bit more for your services....just a thought

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    Some people are being kind enough to add a little something extra.
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    I'll be tipping a bit extra

    Gotta have beer!
    Read my BLOG!

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    Any Updates?

    Bump, any updates on these?


    This post is in 3B, three beers and it looks good eh!

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